How do you know when to change diaper size?
How do you know when to change diaper size?

Baby diapers are essential in infancy. Have you ever read the guideline on a box of baby diapers? If so, you can find diaper sizing changing in the growing process of children. As a first-time mom, do you know when to change diaper size? Well, the following are some signs that tell you when to switch diaper sizes.

How do you know when to change diaper size?

1. Frequent leaks or blowouts

One of the most obvious signs to remind you to change the diaper sizing is that constantly frequent leaks or blowouts appear. As baby diaper is too small to contain your little ones messes, it’s time for you to go up a diaper size.

2. Read the box

There is a weight range on the box. If child is approaching the upper limit of the diaper’s weight range, you may consider switching the diaper size.

3. Red marks on the thighs

The diaper is too snug to fit properly, which can cause the red marks along the baby’s thighs. At this time, don’t hesitate to move up a size in diapers.

4. Check the waist

Last but not least, you need to notice whether it’s difficult to connect the diaper tabs at your baby's waist or not. Because a fitting diaper is easy to close without any tugging and pulling to much at them. Other than that, a proper diaper, generally speaking, comes below baby’s belly button. When it comes to the above sign, then to purchase the bigger-size diaper is necessary.


Is there any sign that it's time to change diapers? Your comment is welcome!!!

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