Hundreds of millions of masks may be used. What should I do later?
Hundreds of millions of masks may be used. What should I do later?


Hundreds of millions of masks may be used. What should I do later?


The continued demand for masks and the expansion of the production of masks have enabled hundreds of millions of masks in circulation on the market. So how should these disposable masks that can no longer be used after being worn be handled to avoid new infections?


In hospitals, medical waste is generally treated in three colors: black, yellow, and red. Among them, black plastic bags contain domestic waste, yellow plastic bags contain medical waste (including infectious waste), red plastic bags contain radioactive waste and other special medical waste. These used disposable masks will be put into a clean, airtight bag and thrown into the yellow trash can.


Masks are medical waste. According to the "Medical Waste Classification Catalogue", cotton balls, cotton swabs, drainage noodles, gauze and various other dressings; disposable sanitary products, disposable medical supplies and disposable medical devices are all infectious waste . And more masks are used outside the hospital to prevent and avoid being infected. They are not necessarily contaminated with the virus. What should be done?


In cities with strict regulations on garbage classification and disposal, according to the principle of prudence, from the perspective of protecting the life and health of the public to the utmost, it is recommended to put the used masks separately in sealed bags such as plastic bags, and put the sealed bags in "hazardous garbage" bins. in.


In cities where there is no strict garbage classification and disposal regulations, used masks can be disinfected with alcohol spray and then put in a bag and sealed before discarding. High temperature and medical 75% alcohol can kill the new coronavirus.

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