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A professional manufacturer of disposable baby diapers, adult diapers, baby wipes, under pad, medical items.



A professional manufacturer of disposable baby diapers, adult diapers, baby wipes, under pad, medical items.

Founded in 2004

A professional manufacturer of CE-certified disposable diapers, adult diapers, baby wipes, cushions, and sanitary napkins. Similarly, medical supplies are also our production lines.

Quality control

Based on the unremitting efforts of high-quality raw materials and modern machines and professional R&D departments, our goal is to obtain more and more high-quality reputation.

Overseas market

Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, Oceania, covering more than 50 countries, are exported to various countries overseas to ensure the expansion of market share.

Service team

A complete after-sales service system has been established to serve each customer 100% wholeheartedly. Our professional marketing team will provide feedback within 4 working hours!

Guangzhou Alice Lee Limited

Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, Oceania, covering more than 50 countries is our big market. Exported to Australia, Cuba, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Namibia are done. Be assure that the market share will be enlarged participation.


Guangzhou Alice Lee Limited founded in 2004, which is a professional manufacturer of disposable baby diapers, adult diapers, baby wipes, under pad, sanitary napkins by CE approval. As well the medical items are our production line too.

With our continuous effort based on high quality raw materials & modern machines as well as professional R&D department, getting more & more premium reputation from you is our target in the world market.

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company news

company news

A professional manufacturer of disposable baby diapers, adult diapers, baby wipes, under pad, medical items.

Aliceleediapers.com: Buy top clinical supplies at reasonable prices

Best glucose meter, Medical ice bag Aliceleediapers.com is one of the most well known web stores. We give clinical supplies at the most serious expenses that anyone could hope to find. The Medical ice bag You can contact us accepting you are looking for the Best Glucose Meter. A glucometer is a contraption that activities the levels of sugar in your blood. The meters are helpful, yet you should screen your glucose levels even more eagerly now and again. A contraption distinguishes glucose levels in the blood. Humble Towel Cheap Towel are worthwhile all through the functioning room. We offer a wide extent of cautious, clinical, and demonstrative things. Our clinical towel organizations satisfy industry necessities. The towels are an insignificant cost technique to limit the gamble of pollution. Zinc Oxide Tape Athletes use zinc oxide tape to avoid wounds, defend wounds, and speed up the repairing framework. Our oxide tape has one paste side and is solid and rigid. It is major areas of strength for a, stretch cotton tape with a zinc oxide stick that acclimates to the region, and it has antibacterial characteristics and is a moderate astringent. The tape is used to treat and prevent sports wounds like maltreatment wounds, wounds, and scratches. You can go to our position site at whatever point to look at

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Aliceleediapers.com: World’s leading medical suppliers

Adult baby diapers, Overnight diapers Aliceleediapers.com is an observable distributer of clinical outcomes, in light of everything. We outfit you with the necessities of life. We have a long history of conveying solutions that are routinely used in every family. Tape made of zinc oxide Adult baby diapersWith two or three mouse clicks, you can get a variety of clinical supplies. To help with avoiding sports wounds, zinc oxide tape is available. It has antibacterial and delicate astringent properties. This tape is a crude, non-stretchable cotton tape with zinc oxide concrete that is perhaps the most often used strong athletic tape. The Best Glucose Monitor Overnight diapersYou can promptly measure your blood glucose at home with the Best Glucose Meter. Use body sensors, for instance, a relentless blood glucose screen (CGM), to follow your blood glucose levels throughout the span of the day. Our blood glucose noticing equipment licenses you to take blood glucose readings and track them using your PDA. A contraption helps you with checking your glucose levels. Our device screens blood glucose levels 24 hours consistently, 7 days out of each week. Our device is a totally customized blood glucose meter with 60 strips and a free thermometer. Towels at next to zero expense Cotton and banana hair towels are affordable and truly incredible for all skin

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Buy High Quality Adults Diapers

Medicine pouches, Disposable underpads The going with article figures out how superfluous diapers are used for adults who are unwell and need a helpful technique for peeing. Is it genuine that you are looking for the Disposable underpads to purchase? Nonessential Underpads are open at Aliceleediapers.com at an unassuming expense. Unimportant pads and launderable or reusable pads are the two most typical sorts of pads used in clinical centers. The advantages and shortcomings of these two sorts of pads are discussed in this article. These pads are at this point commonly used by centers and nursing homes, but they can moreover be used by resting cushion patients, individuals with handicaps, the more seasoned, or anybody having a baby at home. Pad that can be disposed of Disposable pads are just planned to be used once. You’ll similarly run over woven cover sheets and spunbond materials that are impenetrable to tearing and may be moved without making the pads tear. The best neatness pad with a concrete associated upper layer to a lower plastic layer. Second, there is one that is changed and joined on the different sides so that when the pad is impeded, the liquid will best rise out of the point. This is implied as system coordinating by subject matter experts. This structure’s pads are noted for being

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Diapers Online, Best Sanitary Pads, Medicine Bag

Guangzhou Ainisi Commodity Co., Ltd. is one of premier manufacturer in China offering a wide collection of personal hygiene products. Alice Lee’s personal hygiene products for babies & adults are completely safe, convenient to wear, easily to manage and disposable.

As a premier personal hygiene baby and adult products manufacturer in China, Guangzhou Alice Lee Limited is looking forward to induce a fresh energy into the current manufacturing unit in China.

Our product range includes:

China made Oximeter, Adult Baby Diapers, Free Diapers, Overnight Diapers, Disposable Underpads, Infusion Set, Adult Diaper with Tabs, Ice Bag, Plastic Syringe, Best Glucose Meter, Cheap Towel

Baby Pampers, Adult Diaper Pants, Zinc Oxide Tape

We have one of the best qualities of Baby Pampers made in China having features like:

  • Core with Ultra Absorb
  • Double guard from leakage
  • Comfortable to use

The ultra absorb core in baby pampers is providing your baby overnight dryness and no leakage. Buy now the Baby Pampers in bulk!

Adult Diaper Pants

Our Adult Diaper Pants Made in China has delicate and soft feel that considers free movement and feels comfortable. Greatest receptiveness controls smell and movable Adult Diaper with Tabs offer fit comfort. Buy Free Diapers in bulk!

Zinc Oxide Tape

Zinc oxide tape is a firm and unbending tape with one strong side. Competitors generally utilize it to forestall sports wounds, immobilize joints, and forestall rankles on delicate regions, and some more.

Buy Zinc Oxide Tape in bulk from leading Chinese suppliers.

Blood Presure Machine, Medicine Pouches, Medical Ice Bag

Regardless of whether you are living with hypertension or basically conscious to health, you can make observing your pulse a vital piece of your sound way of life with Guangzhou Alice Lee Limited’s extensive scope of best Blood Pressure Monitors.

Check the Blood Pressure Machine Price list!

Medication Pouches

Enabled with a group of energetic faculty, we are occupied with offering a wide assortment of Medicine Pouches. This bundling is fabricated utilizing ideal quality crude material and generally acknowledged innovation at our ultramodern assembling unit. Aside from this, we give the whole reach in different sizes of Chinese Medicine Pouches at reasonable costs.

Advancement, high quality and cost effectiveness are the three qualities that give us a reputable position in market. We have been the breeze underneath our wings in investigating new domains in assembling of moist disposable clothes, child diapers, grown-up diapers and tissue items in China.

We took difficulties head-on and have been fruitful to transform them into venturing stones in our obligation to serve new and imaginative ideas to our customers.

With Guangzhou Alice Lee Limited, you would now be able to approach your everyday exercises in a brief, sure and freeway. We are bringing to a scope of grown-up diapers for the two people to make life simpler and agreeable any place you are.

Our vision is to assemble a flourishing local area with our consistent push for development in our items. We put stock in giving results of the greatest quality, particularly for you.

Contact us and let us know what you are looking for. We will definitely provide you the best solution!

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