Here are the Different Types Of Medical Equipment And Hospital Supplies
Here are the Different Types Of Medical Equipment And Hospital Supplies

It is vital that medical equipment be used in hospitals and clinics. Equipment allows doctors and other medical professionals to evaluate a patient's medical condition. It is therefore important to understand the functions and differences of different medical equipment in order to help and treat patients.

The number of medical equipment and supplies is increasing every day. There are many types of medical equipment and supplies. The main ones are electronic, surgical, durable, medical equipment (DME), acute, storage and transport.

1: Storage and transport of medical equipment

This equipment is used to store or transfer medical supplies. This equipment can be used to transport various medical supplies to patients or medical professionals for different reasons. These are the most popular types of storage or transport equipment:

2: Durable medical equipment

DME refers to a type medical equipment that is durable and provides support for patients safely, comfortably and comfortably. This equipment can be used at home or in the hospital. They can be reused and are durable enough to last a long time. The majority of durable medical equipment is designed with load-bearing strength, non-slip features, and are long-lasting.

Common Durable Medical Equipment (DME), includes:


Mobility aids equipment - canes, crutches, walkers

Hospital beds



Traction Equipment

3: Diagnostic Medical Equipment

The equipment or supplies used to diagnose, test or locate patients' conditions. This equipment can detect abnormalities in organs and other body parts that could be causing symptoms. Medical professionals wouldn't be able diagnose the patient correctly and give the right treatment without the diagnostic equipment.

These are the most common diagnostic tools used in hospitals or clinics:

Imaging machines such as X-Rays and MRI Scans, CT Scans etc.

Instruments such as stethoscopes or thermometers are medical instruments.

4: Electronic Medical Equipment

Electronic equipment is used to monitor and record the body's functions, such as heart beat and brain waves. There are many types of electronic medical equipment, including:

Software: Electronic Medical Records, Medical Imaging Software etc

Monitors: Heart Rate Monitors, Blood Pressure Monitors, Ultrasound, etc

Medication pumps

Mobile Technology Carts: Mobile Workstations and Computers on Wheels

Powered Medical Equipment



5: Surgical Medical Equipment

The accuracy and precision of surgical instruments is crucial to the success of any surgery. There are many types of equipment that can be used during surgery. Each one has its own purpose.

These are the most commonly used surgical instruments and equipment:

Surgical tables

Utility tables

Instrument tables


Mayo stands

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Surgical table pads

Leg Supports

Arm supports

6: Acute Care

Supplies and equipment that is used in hospitals and clinics. These supplies and equipment are required to be used by a physician.

General-purpose trays

Minor procedures

Kits for skin and wound care

Monitor equipment

Instruments that are not surgical

7: Procedural medical equipment

It is medical equipment used in medical procedures. There are many different types of this equipment. It helps make procedures more efficient and simpler by:

Surgical clamps




Operating Scissors


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