What are the Different Types and Uses of Medical Equipment?
What are the Different Types and Uses of Medical Equipment?

Use of medical equipment in hospitals or clinics is crucial. The medical professions like doctors can use equipment to assess patients' medical needs. Knowing the differences between medical equipment and their functions, as well as how they work together, is crucial to being able to treat and assist the patient.

There are more types of medical equipment available every day. There are many categories of medical supplies and equipment. However, the most important are electronic and surgical equipment (DME), acute-care, storage and transport, and diagnostic and surgical equipment (DME).

1: Storage & Transport of Medical Equipment

Equipment used to store and transport medical supplies. This equipment is used to transport different medical supplies to patients, doctors, and other professionals for different reasons. Here are some examples of common storage and transportation equipment:

2: Durable medical Equipment

DME is a kind of medical equipment that is made to last and support patients comfortably. This type of equipment is mainly used for therapeutic purposes. It can be used in either a hospital setting or at home. They are easily reusable and durable. They have non-slip properties and load-bearing capacity.

Common Durable medical Equipment (DME), include:


Mobility aids equipment, such as canes, canes, and walkers

Hospital beds



Traction Equipment

3: Diagnostic Medical Equipment

These supplies and equipment are used for diagnosing, testing, or finding out the condition of patients. The equipment detects any abnormalities in the organs of the body which could be causing the symptoms. Medical professionals wouldn't have the ability to accurately diagnose and prescribe the proper treatment if they didn't have the equipment.

These are the common diagnostic devices used in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities:

Imaging machines like X-Rays. MRI Scans. CT Scans.

Medical instruments such as stethoscopes, thermometers, and thermometers.

4: Electronic Medical Equipment

Electronic Equipment monitors, records, and records bodily functions such as heartbeats and brain waves. There are many electronic medical supplies available, including:

Software: Electronic Medical Records Software.

Monitors: Heart Rate Monitors, Blood Pressure Monitors, Ultrasound, etc

Pumps for medication

Mobile Technology Carts Mobile Workstations, Computers on Wheels, and Other Products

Powered Medical Equipment



5: Surgical Equipment

The accuracy and reliability of the surgical equipment is key to the success or failure of any surgery. There are many types and purposes for each type of equipment in surgery.

The most used instruments and equipment for surgery are:

Surgical tables

Utility Tables

Instrument Tables


Mayo Stands



Surgical Table Pads

Leg Supports

Arm Supports

6: Acute Care

Equipment and supplies that are used at hospitals and clinics. These supplies and equipment are used daily for patient care.

General-purpose trays

Minor procedure trays

Kits for wound and skin care

Monitoring equipment

Non-surgical tools

7: Procedural Equipment for Medical Use

Medical equipment that is used for any medical procedure and includes a variety of items. It can be used to assist in making the procedure more smooth and easy, such as:

Surgical clamps




Operating Scissors


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