What is the size of the newborn changing mat?
What is the size of the newborn changing mat?


What is the size of the newborn changing mat?


With regard to children, mothers are always more willing to do it by themselves, no matter what they eat or use. Although it is very convenient to buy baby products on the market, many mothers are more willing to make them for their children. It is more meaningful in addition to health and safety. Newborn urine pads are one of them. It is a pity that mothers who are new to handmade baby cotton changing pads do not know what size they need to be suitable for newborns. Next, let’s analyze it for everyone.


Under normal circumstances, the size of a newborn's urine pad is about 60*90cm. Before making, prepare two pieces of cotton cloth of the same size and waterproof cloth of the same size, and then put the waterproof arrangement in the middle of the two pieces of pure cotton cloth, and sew the two sides with a needle and thread to prevent the cotton from being spread. The tarp will move back and forth.


After fixing the two sides, start to spread cotton evenly between the cotton cloth and the waterproof cloth. After laying, use a needle and thread to sew the sides first, so that the prototype of the small cushion will come out. But this is not enough. You also need to sew a few stitches in the middle of the small cushion. Generally, you can fix the cotton by sewing two or three rows horizontally and vertically, and prevent it from moving back and forth. The whole newborn diaper is made perfectly. Up.


In addition to making newborn urine pads by hand, ingenious mothers will also personally make many small items for their babies, including small hats, small socks, and small gloves. In fact, the production method is not difficult. If the mothers really don’t know Where to start, you can also learn through the Internet and other channels.

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